Fast and flexible customer centric development

InoBat Auto provides unparalleled R&D capability, enabling customers to leverage unique collaborative partnerships to rapidly design and engineer bespoke, mission-specific, high-margin EV battery solutions, which exceed current industry standards for energy density, efficiency range and time-to-market.

All cells are lithium-ion and based on nickel-rich chemistry. Both chemistry and form factor are fully variable and can be rapidly adapted and configured to meet precise customer needs.

InoBat Auto battery cell technology delivers a level of energy density markedly superior to existing industry-standard batteries.

This key advantage results in lighter, smaller batteries, which give manufacturers enhanced vehicle packaging flexibility. Lower resistance and the ability to charge at faster rates for longer ensure significant improvements in range and efficiency.

Gen 1 Battery

The capacity after 600 cycles is

The capacity with fast charge in 30 min

77% capacity at temperature

Right first time

Our first NMC 622 battery is fully developed and has successfully passed all safety and performance tests. Robustly proven to operate efficiently in extremely low temperatures

  • 85 %

    Fast charge:

    85% of the cell capacity charged
    in 30 minutes.

  • 90 %


    at 2C discharge (in 30 minutes) 90% cell capacity available.

  • 77 %

    Low-temperature (– 20°C):

    77% cell capacity available.

  • 91 %

    Life-time (25°C):

    91% of the initial capacity after 600 cycles.

  • 1350

    End of Life (EOL – 80%)::

    expected at Cycle 1300-1350

From the racetrack to last-mile delivery

InoBat Auto refuses to adhere to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We believe that every electric-powered vehicle, and aircraft, demands a bespoke electric battery solution.

After all, the requirements of a 250mph hypercar, where outright performance is key, differ significantly from those of an urban last-mile delivery vehicle where maximum range and cost sensitivity are critical factors.

And there is little similarity between the operating parameters of a luxury saloon, which requires consistent energy delivery and a passenger aeroplane, which demands significant power during take-off and landing.

Whether the project is an electric power source for a race car, a light commercial vehicle or a bus, our R&D team will work with customers’ engineers and designers to facilitate the perfect solution.

Our advanced and highly adaptable battery technology consistently merges superior energy, range, and efficiency with unmatched durability, safety, and affordability from – modular components to complete, custom-engineered scalable battery systems.