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Joon Kim
Technical Advisory Board  |  Plant Design

Joon Kim

Member of Technical Advisory Board, Plant Design Expert

Joon is a member of InoBat Auto’s Technical Advisory Board.

Apart from his experience with cell design, he is an expert on plant design and construction of cell manufacturing plants. Joon has over 25 years of cell design expertise in all phases of design, development, and commercialization of lithium rechargeable batteries. He has a PhD in electrochemistry from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Joon’s experience includes leadership positions at LG Chem Research Centre and founding battery start-ups, including Spears Power Systems Inc., Dow Kokam, and Kokam America. Prior to founding Kokam America in 2005, Joon was the lithium-sulphur battery Business Development Director at Sion Power in Tucson Arizona. After his tenure at LG Chem, he worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for rechargeable battery materials development and characterization research.