Inam Khan

Cell Design Engineer

Inam has 5 years of research experience in materials science and engineering. Prior to joining InoBat Auto, he was working at BAT where he was supporting cell vendors to develop and optimise performance and safety for the commercialisation of advanced lithium-ion batteries. He was leading cell validation including cycle life performance and safety, data analysis, teardown and cell materials characterisation and supporting teams for different project requirements. He has experience working with pouch and cylindrical cell formats. He identified opportunities to enhance battery lab testing capabilities and set technical specifications for the instrument’s procurement. Dr Inam received his PhD in materials science and engineering from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. For his PhD, he introduced a low-cost and renewable production route of carbon fibres for a range of potential applications including batteries and supercapacitors. Inam has authored or co-authored 5 publications in peer-reviewed international journals.